Waterberg Heritage

Waterberg is the name of the region where the company was founded. Although we are now nationally represented, we proudly keep the name and association with the Waterberg biosphere. The name is derived from water and “berg” which means mountain in the Dutch and Afrikaans languages. So  it literally means “Water Mountains”.

Pretoria Tshwane City Tours

Duration: 4.5 hours or 8 hours
Included: All entrance fees where applicable

The majestic Voortrekker Monument commemorates Southern Africa’s Pioneer history. Learn about the founders of the South African Republic and the hardships endured by the brave few that made their way to the interior of South Africa to free themselves from British imperialism. Take a stroll around the art gallery, museum and memorial which is set in 341 hectares of unique nature reserve. Then off to The Union Buildings designed by Sir Herbert Baker which form the official seat of the South African government and also houses the offices of the President of South Africa. These imposing buildings are located atop Meintjieskop at the Northern end of Arcadia, close to historic Church &Paul Kruger Square.
A full day Pretoria City tour includes a visit to Freedom Park.

Johannesburg City Tour

Duration: 4.5 hours or 8 hours
Included: All entrance fees where applicable

We visit Constitution Hill and experience the unique way that South African transition has built hope for the future out of the pain of the past. We stop here for a guided tour through the old and cold deserted prison. Then onto the Carlton Centre which is a skyscraper located in downtown Johannesburg. At 233 meters (731feet), it is the tallest building in Africa and about half the height of the Sears Tower in Chicago. From here we depart for a tour through the bustling Johannesburg city centre, past the many financial empires located in central Johannesburg, not forgetting the historical heart of the city where we visit the Museum of Africa and drive past the JSE and finally past Newtown, and over the Nelson Mandela Bridge.

A full day tour of Johannesburg city includes a 3.5 hour tour of the Apartheids Museum.

Premier Diamond Mine


Just 20 minutes’ drive east of Pretoria, the mining town of Cullinan is home to the Premier Diamond Mine, also known as the Cullinan Mine.  Daily tours of the mine are open to the public and explore both underground and surface operations including the mine shaft, hoist room, big hole, and the display room. The geology of the area is also explained, as is the mining process. Impressive displays of diamond cutting reveal the skill and mastery required to transform a diamond from a rough stone into a sparkling faceted gem. This is all the more than awe-inspiring and a definite must-see!

Two Cities Tour

Duration: Full Day
Included: All entrance fees where applicable

Pretoria City Tour, visit the Voortrekker Monument, where the history of the early white pioneers in the interior of the country is depicted on marble friezes, we continue our journey through history and visit the Kruger House Museum, where the worldwide moral support for the Transvaal Republic during the Anglo-Boer War can be seen. We also visit Church Square, with the old Parliament building, the Palace of Justice and Paul Kruger’s statue (commissioned by Sammy Marks). From there we drive past the Transvaal Museum, the City Hall and Melrose House (where the peace treaty of Vereniging ending the Anglo-Boer War was signed. We conclude this tour with a visit to the Union Buildings.

Drive-By of Johannesburg, the discovery of this enchanting mineral hidden below the plains of the highveld sparked off one of the fastest urban developments of the modern era. In just over a century, the ramshackle congregation of prospectors’ tents and crude digging devices near the farm of Langlaagte has spread for more than 30 kilometres in each direction into a metropolis of skyscrapers. The Johannesburg of today is a modern version of its inauspicious but frantic beginnings. It is the technological and financial forerunner of Africa, South Africa’s pemier business destination and home, including Soweto, to more than five million people. Built on and maintained by the ancient ground it covers, Johannesburg is the prince of the subcontinent.

Visit Constitution Hill & Drive By Johannesburg is home to the Constitutional Court, the protector of our basic rights of freedom. It is also the site of Johannesburg’s notorious Old Fort Prison Complex, commonly known as Number Four. Thousands of ordinary people were brutally punished here before the dawn of democracy in 1994.

Segregation is exactly where it belongs – in a museum – the Apartheids Museum and Drive By Johannesburg. The basic principle behind Apartheid was simple – segregate everything. Cut a clean line through a nation to divide black from white and keep them divided. The Apartheids Museum communicates this by using the dark images, sounds and atmosphere prevalent in that troubled era.

Full Day Tour Includes:
– Transport in an Air-conditioned vehicle for your comfort
– Entrance Fees
– Registered, Professional Guide for the duration of the tour

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